Our Story

Our Story

When we lived in Russia my mother, Yelizaveta, often designed a lot of her clothes and had them custom-made. Looking through her sketch books and sneaking into her bathroom to rummage through her makeup drawer when I was four years old is one of my most precious and vivid memories, and was my first step into the world of Fashion and Beauty. Yelizaveta has always been my favorite name. When I decided to create a blog about fashion, beauty, and things that I find fun, interesting and inspiring, naming it Yelizaveta seemed like the perfect fit [hence the "yeliz-aveta" at the top of the page]. And yes, I still rummage through her makeup drawer and raid her closet every chance I get!

About Polina Roytman:
Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist, Polina Roytman began her education at the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and, later, the Polimoda International Institute in Florence, Italy. Roytman worked in fashion for Donna Karan and independent label Myth and Ritual, before transitioning into Costume Design and Fashion Styling. She has worked with Celebrity Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes and Emmy Award winning Costume Designers Sally Lesser and David Zyla; as well as esteemed photographers Andrea Blanch, Andres Serrano, Melanie Acevedo, Asha Fuller, Jeffrey Bucari, Emin Kadi, and Udo Spreitzenbarth. Other credits include: America’s Got Talent, America’s Next Top Model, Good Morning America, Nike, BMI’s 59th Annual Country Awards, Lufthansa Airlines, MasterCard, Toshiba, ZINK Magazine, Susan Lucci for Malibu Pilates, StyleCaster featuring Amber Rose, Warner Bros CMA party, South by Southwest, The Nate Berkus show, CenterLight Healthcare, WestEast Magazine, Actress Marian Brock for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, Devious Maids [ABC Studios], Comedy Central, NBC, Lincoln Center, Gerald W. Lynch Theater, Looksima, and LookLab. You can find out more at polinaroytman.com

“Polina Roytman’s costume design is faultless.”  –The New York Times

Fun Facts:
Yelizaveta is the Russian version of Elizabeth. I added the hyphen for easier pronunciation. Some of the words used in Urban Dictionary’s definition of Yelizaveta: ‘beautiful, amazing, kind, smart, funny, talented, one of a kind’… How appropriate!



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