The Perfect Office Pant

The Perfect Office Pant

By Polina Roytman

Perfect-Work-Pant{Ann Taylor Trousers – Aryn K Blouse – Banana Republic Pumps, Rings, and Studs}

I recently received a question regarding office pants. My boyfriend has his own show called The Brother Love Owwwr under the Keith and The Girl network that he records in his studio in Nashville, and from time to time he has me on as a guest. I received a question from one of his listeners:

“Hello Polina!
I am a big fan of Brother Love and LOVE it when you guest star on the show.
Question for you: Work pants. I work full time at an office, and need to wear work pants, but hanging, folding, washing and drying are so complicated, and it seems whatever I do it’s wrong! Help me choose and care for my pants, please!” –Abby

Some basic things: If the office pants you own are wool or a wool blend I recommend following the care instructions that will tell you to dry clean only. I’m not a big fan of polyester when it comes to tops or anything worn at the top of the body because I like for the fabric to be as breathable as possible. But when it comes to bottoms, a poly blend tends to work well for certain things as it is highly durable, wears well, and easy to care for. I do prefer a poly blend vs 100% polyester. If the pant is washable, the care instructions will usually tell you the best way to wash that particular pant. However, if in doubt, I always recommend cold water, gentle cycle, and hanging or laying flat to dry. Try to avoid the dryer as much as you can. The less harsh you are on your clothing the longer it will last.

Another option will sound quite odd, but it works well, particularly for denim that you want to keep from fading. I recently learned this trick from celebrity stylist, Ty-Ron Mayes, and have been recommending it to people with great results. You spot treat the pants wherever necessary, then roll them up and put them in a plastic bag, sealing the bag as tightly as you can. Put that in the freezer, yes, the freezer, and leave it there for about 24 hours. The cold kills the bacteria and odors. The way dry cleaning uses high heat without water to clean your clothes, putting them in the freezer uses incredibly low temperatures without water to clean your clothes.

Below is a list of ten stores / brands, in no particular order, that carry a great selection of work pants in both wool blends and poly blends, for reasonable prices and various body types such as curvy, skinny, petite, and tall.
1. Ann Taylor [if you have casual Fridays, this denim trouser is a must]
2. Loft [carries a large selection of machine washable office pants]
3. Ellie Tahari
4. Banana Republic
5. Express [carries a large selection of machine washable office pants]
6. Gap
7. Bluefly
8. Jones New York
9. J.Crew
10. Zara

As far as hanging your pants. These four hangers are my favorite for keeping the pants neat and wrinkle free:
1. Five-tier swing arm slack rack.
2. Clamp pant hanger. This type of hanger I like only if it is felt-lined, such as this one from Ikea. The lining prevents the pants from getting damaged as well as keeping them from slipping off the hanger.    
3. Foam coated chrome non-slip. Comes in a pack of three.
4. Velvet four-bar slim line. Comes in a pack of three.

If you prefer to keep them folded, I recommend the rolling method that I demonstrate in this video [about 15 seconds in and then 40 seconds in] which will help to keep your pants from wrinkling while saving some space in your drawers. This same video shows how to keep your denim dark, which mirrors what I mentioned above on how to clean your pants.

What is your perfect go to item for work?

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