Natural Glow

Natural Glow

By Polina Roytman

Constantly on the search for chemical and harsh free makeup, I decided to do a bit of an experiment using beet root powder as a blush.


I was at the Dual Specialty Store in the East Village looking for some spices to add to my collection, when I noticed the beet root powder hanging on the wall. I thought it has such a pretty pink color that would make a beautiful blush! So I bought it and tried it out. For the last two months I’ve been using it as my blush and have been getting so many compliments. The color looks intense in the container, but goes on somewhat sheer and looks natural. If you prefer more intensity all you have to do is layer it on with a second or third dusting.


After doing some research I also learned that you can make your own by baking beet slices and crushing it down to a fine powder. But with a $3.95 price tag for 1.6oz, I’ll stick to buying it at the store and enjoying the work-free glow that comes with it. Similar here, 4oz size.

Transfer some of the powder to a smaller seal-tight container to keep it from getting messy in your makeup bag. Use your regular blush brush and you’re all set!


An added tip: When I want a more dewy look, I dab a bit of the Lilac Rouge {mentioned here} with my finger tips at the apples of my cheeks after a light dusting of the beet powder and I’m good to go!

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