Make It Last

 Make It Last

By Polina Roytman


My brother’s girlfriend recently gifted me an Argan Oil Rose Cream from her trip to Morocco, and it has quickly become one of my most favorite items. The cream comes in a large container, and each time I would open it to use I would expose it to light, air, and pollutants; all of which shorten the cream’s shelf life. Since this is a hot commodity for me I decided to keep it fresher longer by transferring some of the cream into a smaller container, while keeping the rest of the jar stored in a cool, dry place. Below are the simple and quick step-by-steps of what I did.

1. First things first, I wanted to show off the cream and it’s beautiful packaging. I’ve been trying to find it online without much luck, but will be searching for it in New York at some specialty stores and will keep you all posted with what I find. If any of my lovely readers have seen this cream, please leave a comment or send me an email letting me know where you’ve seen it.

2. I purchased some colorful contact lens cases to transfer the cream into. Contact lens cases are some of my favorite containers as they are durable, prevent spills or anything seeping out, and keep out air and impurities. I use them as my travel containers as well for things such as lose powder eye shadow, sunscreen on the go, and pretty much anything that will fit in the case.
[$9.68 for a pack of six cases]

3. I mixed the colors of the lids of the lens case to match the colors of the original jar. Doing this is not a necessity, but it helps me to keep track of which case holds which product.

4. I included this dog contact lens case to show another option that you can use and have fun with.
[$3.99 per case]

Each case can also hold two products. The case I carry in my purse holds sunscreen in the left compartment and the Argan Oil Rose Cream in the right compartment.

What are some of your tips for keeping your beauty products fresh longer? Leave a comment or send an email letting me know. I love hearing from you!

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