Nashelle is a team born of love, family, and community. They are passionate about creating beautiful jewelry for beautiful souls, while keeping everything they do absolutely local in their sweet little town of Bend, Oregon. They are committed to using recycled precious metals and natural gemstones. They create original designs and make every piece with love and intention. Learn more at nashelle.com

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Barbara Campbell is an artist and accessories designer born and raised in New York City. Campbell started her eponymous line in 2006, creating pieces inspired by the juxtaposition of her two homes, Brooklyn and The Hamptons. Like Campbell herself, her jewelry and bags balance urban-cool with boho-chic, and cool with elegant. All of her pieces are handcrafted in Brooklyn. Learn more at [...]

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Zodimus Rex: Screen printed onesies and t-shirts for kids to ROCK! Created by graphic designer, Jeremy and photographer, Jodi, this power couple is very conscious of the environment. In their words, “If we didn’t live in NYC and rent our apartment we’d probably have solar panels, a wind turbine and an electric car.” They use environmentally friendly and sustainable products [...]

posted in Stores We Love by polina / May 2013