Thank You for an Incredible Launch!

Thank You for an Incredible Launch!

By Polina Roytman

I want to thank everyone for giving your feedback, liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and supporting fashionbeautyandfun.com from the instant we launched on Tuesday, June 18th! The feedback has been incredible and we can’t thank everyone enough!


The day after our launch Emerald Pellot of College Candy mentioned our launch post, Anyone Can Be Photogenic! 8 Easy Steps to Looking Great in Photos, stating:

“This is basically the most thorough article I’ve ever read on how to take a photo. It’s SO helpful.”

We are so flattered and send you a huge THANK YOU to Emerald and everyone who read and shared the article and spread the word about fashionbeautyandfun.com.

Please continue to spread the word and be sure to sign up to our email list. You’ll receive free tips and exclusive promo codes to some of our favorite stores when you sign up! 

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