6 Things We Love 2

6 Things We Love

By Polina Roytman


1. Catbird Baguette Diamond Ring in Rose Gold
I adore special details and miniatures of any kind. Catbird is one of my favorite stores for jewelry and I am in heaven every time I browse their site or go into the store. I recently bought their tiny emerald ring that I’ve been eying for over 6 months, and this baguette ring is next on my list. I’ve been dreaming about this one for some time now. Rose gold, baguette diamond, delicate… and with “baguette” in the name, need we say more?
[$320, comes in 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold]

2. 18 Rabbits Jr. Bars
I first discovered these bars while at the airport waiting to board my flight to Nashville, one of my favorite places for work and play. My boyfriend is a musician based in Nashville, while I spend the bulk of my time working in New York. This means lots of time spent at the airport, and these bars are my saving grace every time I’m traveling or on the go. My favorite is the Chocolate Cherry which contains cherry, dark chocolate, almonds, pumpkin, chia, and sunflower seeds. It is a little bit of heaven while traveling. An added bonus: they donate 1% of their bars to help fight hunger in their community.
[Approx $1.10 per bar]

3. Cabiria – Whimsical, Sensual Style in Sizes 12-24
I had the pleasure of working with Eden Miller, the mastermind behind the better bridge sportswear line, on America’s Got Talent Season 7. A typical day at work is usually quite hectic and doesn’t allow for time to talk much with your co-workers. But after a late work night we shared a train ride home where we got to chat and get to know each other more. Her story as a person is incredible! She’s overcome more than most could imagine. So much so that it would be too much to include in this short post. But towards the end of our trip she told me of her plans for Cabiria and less than a year later she was the first plus size line ever shown at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. I’ve been loving seeing her gain the recognition and respect she’s worked so hard for and deserves, and love being able to share it on here with you all. Keep rocking it, lady!
[Prices range from $175 to $290, fabrics include cotton and cotton blends, silk jersey, silk wovens and blends, wool and cashmere blends]

4. Cashmends by Stella Neptune
We featured these in a previous post and we’ve been getting so much positive feedback and emails about it that we had to include it in our list of favorites! Save your cashmere and up your style with these fun iron-on patches.
[$14 for a pack of three patches]

5. The Dads: Harris & Dave
Melissa Spreitzenbarth is one of the people behind this new lifestyle blog that launched today. I met Melissa while working with her photographer husband, the incredible Udo Spreitzenbarth, and in the natural way of today’s modern world we became Facebook friends. I was in the middle of putting together this ’6 Things We Love’ post when I saw her announcement of the launch in my feed. Soon as I clicked to see what it was about I was immediately drawn in! There is already lots of content up, my favorite so far being the recipe for Harris’ Challah Rolls. Congrats to Melissa, her dads Harris and Dave, and her step-sister and brother-in-law, Leah and Sean, who spent the last three months putting this blog together. It was well worth it!

6. Marriage / Relationship Advice from a Newly Divorced Man
I had to power through reading this. It is almost too poetic sounding for me, yet it is so raw, and if you strip it down and read it for what it is then there is no greater advice for a relationship. I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced, and reading this brings it all back to what could have been. And though it is geared towards couples that are married, it holds true for all couples and relationships, married or not.

So there you have it! 6 things we love. Why 6? Because that’s our favorite number. What are some of your favorite things?

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