Cashmere Band-Aids

Cashmere Band-Aids!

cashmends-2-110913-ew-780The holidays are coming and this makes for a fun and creative stocking stuffer! Stella Neptune’s iron-on band-aids are a great way to spruce up your favorite sweater, scarf, hat, or blanket that may or may not have some holes in it.

Added bonus: No sewing necessary!

$14 gets you one package that includes 3 band-aids: 4.5″L, 3.75″L, and 3.25″L.

100% handmade in Los Angeles.


Special note: Cashmends [TM] are cut from recycled cashmere sweaters; therefore they will vary slightly in color from the images shown.

Be sure to check out their site for more goodies and gift ideas. We here at fashionbeautyandfun.com can’t get enough!

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