Bullying STOPS Here!


There’s been far too many incidences of bullying happening, and it’s been heartbreaking to see it only get worse. I’m writing to ask all who read this to please help spread the word that it gets better. Post a photo of yourself as a kid when you were bullied, then post a photo of you now to show what it looks like to get passed it. It does get better and children that are being bullied need to know this!!

If you are someone who is currently being bullied:
Please don’t give up. People only bully those who they think will outshine them. Know your worth, know you’re a gift. Hold on just a little longer and the world will catch up to you and see how beautiful a person you truly are, I promise!

Please share this. Please spread the word. Please be kind, that’s all it takes.


To learn more about how you can help to end bullying, please visit The Bully Project.
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