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Sexy with an edge, hand made one of a kind panties. Each pair is different and special. Beautiful high quality craftsmanship makes a great gift for a friend or girlfriend, special shower gift for a soon-to-be bride, or just to feel comfortably chic dancing around the house. Learn more about harMonica by visiting harmonicadesign.com

Discount code expires August 31, 2014

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Sign up to our email list and receive an exclusive 30% off code for your next Social Rebel Clothing order! Social Rebel Clothing was started in 2009 and has developed into what one may call a hip and exhilarating collection that’s outfitted by a diverse group of people. From indie-rock, conservative, or pop-queen, to the hip-hop or theater-loving fashionista, there [...]

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Calm The Ham! Calm The Ham was founded in June 2012 by architect and designer Cathryn Lavery who was looking for a way to ignite, convey, and create art on her own terms. She joined forces with friends and fellow artists Josh Latta, a cartoon genius, and architect / designer Matt Drury. Together they became a band of independent artists [...]

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